Reporting a Crime

If this is a crime in progress or an emergency dial 911

This online form allows the citizens of York County to file an online crime report for certain crimes. If you are the victim of a crime that is not listed on the form please call 757-890-3621 to file a report. Do not use this form if you are NOT the victim of the crime you are reporting. A Deputy will contact you within 24 hours or 1 business day of you submitting this report. 

You can file an online report for the following crimes:

  • Theft under $500.00
  • Tampering with Auto (No theft)
  • Destruction of property (vandalism)
  • Fraud: Credit Card (fraud occurred in York County) 
  • Fraud: Credit Card Theft (fraud occurred outside of York County) 
  • Fraud: Identity Theft 
  • Fraud: Scam

Reporting by Phone

To report a crime you can reach the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office by calling:

  • 757-890-3621 for non-emergencies
  • 911 in case of emergencies

Information We’ll Ask For

When you call you will be asked for basic, yet pertinent information such as your name, address and the number from which you are calling. A deputy will meet with you to begin an investigation and will need to know information such as:

  • If there are any injuries to persons
  • If there is any property damage
  • Names of suspects, victims or witnesses, if known
  • Physical descriptions of suspects
  • Vehicle descriptions (including license plate number and color)
  • What happened
  • Where and When it happened

What to do If You’ve Witnessed a Crime

If you have witnessed or have been a victim of a crime, please stay as calm as possible. Deputies and or other emergency response personnel will be dispatched immediately. If the crime is still in progress or there is still a threat of danger you will be asked to stay on the line so that dispatchers can keep responding deputies and or other response personnel apprised of the situation. This will ensure that the information needed is relayed to responding personnel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By staying as calm as possible, you are helping us to help you.

Anonymous Crime Line

If you have information about a crime or criminal activity you may also call our anonymous Crime Line at 757-890-3400. During regular business hours, your call may be answered by a investigator. After hours or on weekends your call will be answered by a dispatcher who will forward the information to the Crime Line Officer.