Re-Accreditation Award

On October 3, 2023, Sheriff Montgomery was invited to attend the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards conference in Charlottesville. This is the organization that determines if law enforcement agencies are in compliance with the standards for accreditation. Sheriff Montgomery is proud to announce that the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office received its sixth reaccreditation and was one of two law enforcement agencies that received a perfect score. A portion of the report submitted by the three-member team that assessed the Sheriff’s Office in August of this year is below:

“It's clear that the York-Poquoson County Sheriff's Office, led by Sheriff Montgomery, places a strong emphasis on professionalism, commitment to the community, and adherence to accreditation standards. This was exhibited during the static display; agency tour and meeting with agency staff that fully support the idea of accreditation and their commitment to ensure that the York-Poquoson has all it needs to accomplish this task.
The Team would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of specific individuals within the agency, such as Ms. Turbeville, Accreditation Coordinator, and Captain Barke, Accreditation Manager, who have been instrumental in preparing for the accreditation assessment. The agency is to be commended for its work ethic, attention to detail, and consistent communication with master assessors over the past years. This also demonstrates the agency's commitment to meeting accreditation standards.
The Team would like to express their gratitude to various individuals within the York-Poquoson County Sheriff's Office, including Sheriff Ron Montgomery, Major Thomas West, Captain David Barke, and Ms. Sandy Turbeville, for their hospitality during the on-site assessment. The positive atmosphere and collaborative attitude exhibited by the agency's deputies and staff contributed to a smooth and comfortable assessment process for all involved.” Read the full Assessment Report here...