Chief Deputy


In 2023, Thomas West was appointed to the rank of Major and to the position of Chief Deputy. The Chief Deputy is the Chief Operations Officer of the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office.  In the absence of the Sheriff, the Chief Deputy assumes the Sheriff’s responsibilities.

The Chief Deputy supervises five division commanders including: the Captains of Administration, Civil/Court Security, Community Services, Investigations, and Uniform Patrol. In addition to assigned supervisory duties, the Chief Deputy performs the following functions:

  • Confers with vendors regarding purchase specifications and pricing
  • Coordinates with the County Communications Manager in the selection, purchase and installation of department communications equipment
  • Coordinates with York County School Superintendent on matters involving campus security policy and School Resource Officers
  • Maintains liaison between the Sheriff's Office and Public Works concerning the purchasing of and maintenance of department vehicles
  • Maintains records of Sheriff's Office equipment inventory and capital assets
  • Manages the department's complaint and internal affairs program
  • Oversees the Sheriff’s Office budget preparation and expenditures that occur during the fiscal year.
  • Prepares and submits grant applications for equipment and personnel
  • Reviews new agency policy