Commercial Property Demolition Grant

Turn a shabby structure into a showplace - helping to revitalize York County's commercial corridors.


To provide assistance to property owners for the demolition of qualified, underused commercial structures in order to help move these properties to the redevelopment market.


Fifty percent matching grants, up to $20,000 (lifetime max) per business/property for the demolition costs of dilapidated structures on qualified, underused commercial properties.


  • Property must contain a blighted structure and must be located in a commercially‐zoned (EO, GB, LB, IL, IG or YVA) corridor of York County. 
  • Must have a current York County business license and must have been in operation for a minimum of one year prior to applying for grant funds. (Exceptions to the business license requirement may be considered for property owners who are not also a business owner.)
  • Must be approved prior to the start of any work for which grant funding is requested.
  • Business cannot currently be in default or noncompliance with any county programs, ordinances, or taxes.
  • Must consent to before/after photos being taken and used at the County’s discretion for informational and/or marketing purposes.
  • Must sign up for our e-news, which provides business resource information including educational opportunities.


  • Work must be actively started within six months of grant approval and all projects must be completed within one year of approval. 
  • All applicable County, state and federal regulations and approvals must be obtained before the demolition commences. Applicant must submit copies of all required permits and approvals before grant payment will be issued. 
  • Lifetime max. of $20,000 per property/business site. 
  • The value of sweat equity provided by the grantee does not qualify as a matching expenditure. 
  • Home-based businesses, residential properties/ uses and nonprofit entities are not eligible.


Complete, sign and submit the grant application describing the improvements you wish to undertake. Include all quotes, the signed owner agreement, a signed W-9 and a copy of your business license (or ownership documentation).

Ensure application is submitted by the third Tuesday of the month, for consideration at that month’s EDA meeting, and send it via either:

Receive our decision via email, along with an agreement to sign if approved.

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