Civil Filing

Civil Court is held every Tuesday at 1 p.m. You must allow 3 weeks from the time you file the warrant until the court date. Contested court dates are set by the Judge.

The Small Claims Docket is held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m. except state holidays. The Small Claims docket for January and February will be on the 4th Friday at 9 a.m. The Small Claims Division is for claims of $5,000 or less without attorneys. Separate forms are required, however, the filing fees and post-judgment enforcement is the same.

Forms now available online.

Types of Warrants & Summons

  • Mediation
  • Service Members Relief Act, Default Judgment (§8.01-15.2 and §8.01-428)
  • Summons for Unlawful Detainer (Civil Claim for Eviction)
  • Warrant in Debt (Civil Claim for Money)
  • Warrant in Detinue (Civil Claim for Property)

Completing Form & Understanding Court Procedures

Please complete an original and 4 copies (5 total) for one defendant and an original and 6 copies (7 total) for 2 defendants. Once the form is completed and a court date selected, return the original, a copy for each defendant and a file copy, along with a check, money order or cash for the appropriate amount of filing fees to the Clerk's office.

Mail a copy to each defendant and keep one copy for your records. On the back of your copy (in lower right hand corner), you will need to certify by date and signature that you mailed a copy to the defendants and bring to court. The clerk's office must receive the warrant and fees no less than 3 weeks before the return date.

Day of Court

On the day of court you or an appropriate representative of your place of business must be in court. Bring all paperwork needed to present your case. If the address you provided for the defendant was not correct or current and they could not be served, you have 90 days to notify the court of a new address, pay the $12 service fee and the same warrant can be re-served.

If judgment is granted in your favor, you cannot use enforcement measures until after the 10 day appeal period. If you want the Sheriff's Office to levy against personal property to satisfy the debt, you must file a written request with the court and pay the $25 filing fee so that the proper paperwork can be issued.

Warrant in Detinue (Civil Claim for Property)

Follow the same procedures as for the Warrant In Debt. If the number of items sued for will not fit in the space provided, a separate list may be attached to each copy of the warrant.

If judgment is granted in your favor and you want the Sheriff's Office to take possession of the items you sued for, you must file a written request with the court along with a check/money order or cash for $25. No action can be taken during the 10 day appeal period.