Community Supervision

About the Program

Community Supervision is designed to provide home-based family-centered intervention programs for juveniles who are at risk of being placed out of their home and community. This program helps to ensure that juveniles and their families comply with court ordered counseling and treatment. In addition, program staff work with families on problem-solving, assist in crisis intervention and are continuously trained in providing trauma informed care. By providing short term intervention, staff can address the needs and issues facing the juvenile and their families.

Intensive Supervision

Intensive Supervision is an alternative to placement in a secure detention facility or out-of-home residential care that provides an effective means of keeping youth and families that are before the court intact. Staff work directly with the juvenile in the home setting. The combined use of surveillance and intensive supervision allows moderate to high risk youth the opportunity to remain in their homes.
The youth continues with daily responsibilities while receiving the necessary supervision services. The program components include intensive supervision and case management services, which consist of working directly with the family on social relationship improvement, community coordination and educational support.

Voice Identification Surveillance Services & Electric Monitoring

Voice Identification Surveillance Services is essentially an appendage to the Intensive Supervision Program with the addition of voice verification. Clients call an automated system that verifies their identity through bio-metric "voice print" authentication. The system then verifies that the individual is where he/she is supposed to be throughout the day. This feature enables our program to match the level and intensity of supervision to a client's risk and needs.

Electronic Monitoring/GPS provide an electronic tracking feature as an alternative to placement in a secure detention facility or out of home residential care. The electronic monitor provides intensive in-home supervision to adolescents awaiting adjudication and/or disposition by the Juvenile Court. The goal of the program is to assure availability of the youth for court and prevent further delinquency pending disposition of charges currently before the court.

This is accomplished through the provision of direct and indirect supervision. In so far as it relates to keeping the youth trouble-free and available to the court, staff work with families to provide for youth's mental health and physical and education needs. Youth who require additional services are referred to appropriate outside agencies.


Any youth designated as a candidate by the Court, provided he or she resides within the participating localities, is eligible for both the Intensive Supervision Program and the Electronic Monitoring Program.