State Tax Tips


  • Be sure to print your name, address and social security number on your return.
  • Attach all required Virginia Schedules (Schedule ADJ, Schedule CR and Schedule OSC) and a copy of each Federal Schedule C, C-EZ, E or F filed with your Federal Return.
  • Attach a copy of each Wage and Tax Statement (Forms W-2, W-2G, and 1099R) or Form INC to your return.
  • If you are married, and both of you have income, be sure to complete the Spouse Tax Adjustment Worksheet on Page 13 of your Virginia Resident Instruction Booklet. This may result in a greater refund or lower balance due.
  • Check all math computations
  •  If you owe tax, attach a check or money order to your return made payable to: Treasurer, County of York.
  • Sign your return. If you are filing a joint or combined return with your spouse, both of you must sign.
  • Put the correct amount of postage on your envelope. If your income tax return is sent back to you by the post office due to insufficient postage, you are liable for penalties and interest if the postmark on the remailed return is after the due date. A night deposit box is located on the outside of the Finance Building, on the side facing Route 17, for after hours.
  • File early!

Common Mistakes

  • List your Federal Adjusted Gross Income on Form 760, Line 1, not your total wages or Federal Taxable Income. This figure should be taken from Federal Form 1040- Line 11.
  • Form 760, Line 1 must be your Federal Adjusted Gross Income. You can only subtract a State Income Tax Refund or over payment credit on Form 760, Line 6, if this amount is already included in your Federal Adjusted Gross Income on Form 760, Line 1.
  • List the proper credit amount for child and dependent care expenses. This is the amount on which your Federal percentage was based, not the Federal Credit amount.
  • Be sure to include your Virginia state tax withheld from Box 17 on your W-2 form(s) and not your Federal withholdings or Social Security Tax withheld.
  • If you file a Federal Schedule C or CEZ, be sure to attach the schedule to your return.
  • If you claim itemized deductions on a Federal Schedule A, you should also complete a Virginia Schedule A.  Form 760, Line 10 "Itemized Deductions from Virginia Schedule A" should reflect Virginia Schedule A, Line 19.