Information for Firefighters

Rich History

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety is proud of the rich history and traditions that serve as the foundation upon which today's modern fire and rescue departments build themselves and their service delivery. As such, we also understand the distinct bond that all firefighters share worldwide. It is this rich history and unique bond shared by members of the fire and rescue community that led to the development of this For Firefighters page. Here, you will find information about fire service history and our department that is typically of interest to members of the fire and rescue community.
York County Fire and Life Safety Maltese Patch


We are a modern suburban combination Fire and Rescue Department which provides ALS transport. We operate 6 engine companies (including one rescue pumper), 2 ladder companies, 2 medium duty rescues (ladder tenders), 6 ALS medic units, and incorporate multiple special apparatus including tankers (water tenders), marine vessels, and brush units out of 6 strategically located fire stations. Our ladders, rescues, and rescue pumper each carry a compliment of extrication equipment and members of those companies are trained in heavy vehicle rescue and extrication.

Department members not only perform the standard "bread and butter" operations daily, but also serve on various special operations teams including Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue/Dive Rescue, Maritime Incident Response and Metropolitan Medical Response. Many of these members serve and also hold leadership positions on the Virginia -1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team or Virginia Task Force II - Urban Search and Rescue Team.

Our members work 24-hour shifts and are assigned to one of 3 platoons. The 3 platoon system allows our department to operate effectively and efficiently while maintaining minimum staffing levels on a 5/6 work schedule. We provide prevention and protection to more than 69,000 residents inhabiting more than 23,000 households within 108 square miles that includes more than 200 miles of shore/coastline. We also protect the battlefields and surrounding historic structures where the decisive battle that led to the surrender of British troops to bring about an end to the American Revolution in 1781 occurred in Yorktown.

Diverse Communities

In addition to protecting Yorktown - "Where Independence was Won," we serve a diverse community that is comprised of industrial, commercial, mercantile, and residential construction. Our residential construction, like many other communities, is comprised of 1 and 2 family dwellings, multi-residential dwellings, gated communities, and large square footage mini-mansions.

Our members also work side-by-side our neighboring jurisdictions and military counterparts through the provision of mutual and automatic aid responses as well as regional training opportunities.


Firefighters often have hobbies that are unique to job. Some of those include collecting firefighting memorabilia, patches, etc. This often leads to requests for department shirts, hats, and patches. For various reasons, we do not typically provide these items for trade. However, we are pleased to provide you with an electronic patch, as we know that this hobby has grown in popularity as well. If there are special circumstances surrounding a request please make your request, in writing to:
Fire Chief
Stephen P. Kopczynski
P.O. Box 532
Yorktown, Virginia 23690.