Basic Court Information

The judicial process can be very confusing. These topics can provide very basic information about the court system. For more information, call our office at 757-890-3401 or the Victim-Witness Assistance Program at 757-890-3402.
  1. Calling the Victim Witness Program
  2. Cases Prosecuted
  3. Continuances / Dropping Charges

When to Call the Victim-Witness Assistance Program

Call your local Victim-Witness Program in the event that you:

  • Are not receiving restitution payments that were ordered by the Court
  • Change your address or telephone number
  • Have questions about your role as a witness
  • May not be needed in court, because the case has been continued to another day, call the evening before you are to come to court, for a recorded message of the court schedule
  • Need a referral to the appropriate community service agency which can provide you emergency financial, medical, or psychological assistance as a crime victim
  • Need someone to ask your employer to allow you to appear as a witness
  • Want assistance in preparing your Victim Impact Statement
  • Want to recover your personal property which is being held as evidence
  • Would like information on the Criminal Injury Compensation Fund, if you are a victim of violent crime
  • Would like more detailed information of the court process or a tour of the courtroom before you testify

In York County and Poquoson, the phone number for the Victim-Witness Assistance Program is 757-890-3402.

  1. Plea Agreements
  2. Receiving Threats
  3. Your Role in the Court Process

In most cases, if the defendant pleads guilty, you will not have to testify. Plea agreements can occur in both misdemeanors and felonies. The prosecutor may agree to modify the charges or recommend that a defendant receive a certain sentence in return for a plea of guilty.

If you are the victim of the crime, you have the right to be notified if there are plea agreement negotiations in your case. You must submit your request in writing. Victim-Witness Assistance staff can assist you with requesting notification if you call 757-890-3402. However, even if you do not formally request notification of a plea agreement, the prosecutor handling your case will try to contact you before a plea agreement is formalized. If you do not understand the agreement, or have questions about it, ask the attorney for a full explanation.