Property Line Vacation Plats

Property Line Vacation Plats eliminate (vacate) interior property lines between contiguous parcels owned by the same owner. An example of when this type of plat would be submitted for review is if the principal dwelling/building is located on top of or closely adjacent to the existing lot lines and the owner is proposing an addition to the building which would not meet the required setbacks. Current regulations require that the property owner eliminate the interior lot lines of adjoining properties in such a case.

To vacate property lines submit the following to the office of Development Services for review and approval:

  • Development Application -  Property Line Vacation Plat
  • 3 copies of a survey plat drawn up by a licensed land surveyor indicating the lines(s) to be vacated
  • Required recordation fee 

    8-1/2 x 14 - $31                    

    18 x 24 - $30 for the first sheet and $22 for each additional sheet

There is not an application fee. These types of plats are typically reviewed and responded to in an expedited review of 15 business days.

 Property Line Vacation Plat Requirements

Please see Section 24.1-201 (b)  of the County of York Code regarding the vacation of property lines where a proposed development encompasses and is situated on multiple existing lots under the same ownership.