Kiln Creek Park

About the Park

This 21-acre park opened to the public in 1999. The baseball fields have grass infields and vamont bermuda outfields. The regulation soccer field is vamont bermuda and is irrigated. The park is primarily used for the County’s Little League Baseball program in the spring, summer, and fall and youth soccer in the spring and fall. The park is located in the Kiln Creek Subdivision.


  • Baseball Field (Permit Required)
  • Basketball Court
  • Parking
  • Picnic Tables (first-come, first-serve)
  • Playground
  • Restrooms 
  • Soccer Field
  • Softball Field (Permit Required)

Restrictions & Rules

  • Pets must be on a leash (owner must pick up waste)
  • Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited
  • All-Terrain Vehicles are prohibited
  • No Bikes on Grass
  • No Digging
  • No Fires (Grilling by Permit Only)
  • No Glass Containers
  • No Golfing
  • No Mini-Bikes or Go-Karts
  • No Model Planes or Rockets
  • No Skateboards