Rezoning or reclassification of property is requested whenever the desired use cannot be accommodated within the current zoning district. Rezoning typically affects a fairly substantial change in the potential use of the property and, under both state law and the County Code, both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors in order that they may benefit from the advice and counsel of the public before making a decision.


At the sole discretion of the applicant, proffers or conditions on the use of the property may be voluntarily offered to the County in order to enhance the chances for favorable action on the request. Typically, proffers relate to such things as use restrictions, timing/phasing of development, off-site improvements, additional aesthetic features, capital contributions, and similar items either not otherwise part of or above and beyond the normal plan approval process.

Reviewing Requests

In reviewing rezoning requests, many factors are considered, but the most important ones involve the relationship of the request to the Comprehensive Plan and neighboring properties, and the potential impacts to the county in terms of public services, fiscal demands, transportation systems, and the environment. In general, there is a presumption that the existing zoning is correct and reasonable.

Consequently, the burden of proof falls to the applicant to show why his or her proposal is a more reasonable or appropriate use of the property from a perspective of the County as a whole. The County's zoning plan is based on the Comprehensive Plan. Therefore, the long-term best interest of the County is a critical component and the assertion that there is no current market or use of a property in a particular zoning classification is insufficient, by itself, to justify reclassification.


Applications are due no later than the first business day of each month. The rezoning process usually takes approximately 90 days, or longer if the issues are complex. Planned development requests require 120 to 180 days to process.

Contact the Planning Division if you need more information regarding the rezoning process.