How do I reschedule my Court appearance date?
You may request a continuance by telephone, by mail or in person. Requests should be received prior to the assigned trial date. Continuance policies for traffic, criminal and civil cases include:
- Traffic - The Clerk's office may grant 1 continuance to the police officer's next scheduled date. No further continuances may be granted by the clerk's office. All subsequent continuances have to be approved by the Judge.
- Criminal - The Clerk's office may grant one continuance for good cause after the Commonwealth's Attorneys office has been informed of the request and has no objection to the granting of a continuance. If an objection is raised, then the parties must appear in Court for a hearing before the Judge. All witnesses are to be notified either by telephone or mail prior to the original trial date.
- Civil - The Clerk's office may grant one continuance if both parties agree. The Clerk's office must hear from the plaintiff that a continuance has been agreed upon as well as the rescheduled date.

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