What if I or someone I know are missing a pet?

Report loss pet to Animal Services at 757-890-3601. Search your immediate neighborhood. Call your local animal shelter to see if your pet was picked-up and to report the loss if your pet should happen to be brought in on a later date. You can call the Heritage Humane Society at 757-221-0150 (typically animals picked up in the Northern End of York County) and the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter at 757-933-8900 (typically animals picked up in the Southern End of York County).

Pets without identification can look alike so, visit the animal shelter and look at the animals not only in the impound area but, also the animals in the injured, sick, and quarantine areas. If you find your pet, please advise the local shelter and Animal Services, so the lost pet can be cleared off their list of lost animals.

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