Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology provides support for the Geographic Information System; the centralized computer systems; supports data processing needs of all other divisions and agencies; provides strategic planning of County technology needs; maintains an integrated electronic mail system and maintains and coordinates the website for the County.

Mission Statement:  To strategically plan, deploy, and manage innovative technology solutions that support the county's operations, improve service delivery, and foster community engagement. 

Vision Statement:  To be a leader in leveraging technology to deliver seamless and citizen-centric services that enhance the quality of life in York County.   

Digital Survey Winner 2023

York County claimed the No. 3 spot in its population category by making improvements in public safety, economic development, communications and customer service, environmental stewardship, and technology.

Technology improvements for the new fire station in the northern end of the county as well as the Yorktown Public Library and the future public safety building (under construction) include high-speed fiber connectivity and outdoor ADA-compliant voice over Internet protocol emergency call buttons. Improved connectivity was also provided last year to additional libraries, fire stations, a senior center and various public offices across the county. A system for monitoring and controlling wastewater and stormwater runoff was installed to include more energy-efficient pumps.

Constituents, meanwhile, benefitted from website improvements to include a page for requesting permits and updated maps for bike path and sidewalk projects. Customer service employees are able to process public record requests with the assistance of a new software program, and a livestream camera installed in the Yorktown Waterfront area highlights new economic development efforts. The county also increased use of its social media channels on Facebook and YouTube to better communicate with the public. Emergency response capabilities were beefed up across various departments to include new routers, cellphone antennas and tablets that county employees can use in the field. In addition, a backup 911 center was established.

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