Requesting an Animal Trap

Making a Request

Animal Services will only loan traps for citizens to catch feral cats. Traps are not loaned out to trap any other wildlife. Traps are loaned at no cost, on a “first come, first serve” basis, and will not be issued during inclement weather. Any requests regarding the needs for a trap must be made by telephone at 890-3601. All trapped cats must be cared for and transported by the homeowner to the nearest humane society or animal shelter. They will be accepted at the shelters at no cost.

Animal Services will not issue traps for any wildlife that is on your property. You may contact a wildlife removal company that will come out to remove the nuisance animal at your own expense. Unfortunately, any wildlife that is captured cannot be relocated, and the animal will have to be euthanized. A nuisance animal is considered to be an animal that habitually destroys property. Some animals are exempt from being declared a nuisance, such as all birds of prey (ospreys, eagles, falcons, hawks, etc.) deer, and any animal or reptile protected by the state and/or federal government.

Should you have a reoccurring problem with nuisance wildlife, you may contact the Wildlife Conflict Hotline at 1-855-571-9003 in regards to deterring the species of animal that is concerning you. You may also want to check out the link below from VDWR. It lists many different types of critters and suggests ways to try to keep those animals from continuing to visit your yard.