Reassessment FAQs

How often is property reassessed?  

York County conducts a biennial reassessment. The current reassessment covers two calendar years: January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2025. 

Why does York County reassess property? 

York County, along with all Virginia localities, conduct a periodic reassessment to establish the fair market value for all properties for a specific effective date. York County’s effective date is January 1. Values established for this date represent a “snapshot in time” and rely on recorded sales from the previous calendar year. It’s important to remember assessments are for tax purposes and should represent 100% fair market value and be uniform and equitable within each class of property. 

Are assessments increased in 2024?

Assessments are based on arms-length transactions recorded in the Clerk of Circuit’s Office. Overall, the two-year change in total assessed values resulted in an increase of $2.3 billion (22.11%). Of that amount, 19.75% is the increase in reassessment growth and the remaining 2.36% is new construction (although this will increase slightly when December values are finalized).

Is my home’s assessment increasing by the 19.75% mentioned above?

No, that is the overall assessment for all real property including residential and commercial. The reassessed value of your home appears on the notice that will be mailed to you at the end of December.

If I have questions about my assessment or wish to appeal it, who can I contact?

There are options available to property owners who wish to appeal the reassessment. Owners may contact the Real Estate Assessment office (757-890-3720) and speak with one of the assessors. These staff members appreciate the opportunity to address a homeowners’ concerns. Formal appeals may be submitted directly to the Board of Equalization no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. In addition, owners may contact the Circuit Court to address their concerns and challenge the reassessed value. More information about the appeals process is printed on your reassessment notice and available online here.