2023 York County Awards

Sheriff's Office

Congratulations to Sergeant Brett Schultz on receiving the Virginia Crime Line Top Cop Award Brett Schultz

Sergeant Schultz works tirelessly for York County and for the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office K9 program. From January to the present, Sergeant Schultz has taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility within the agency. The York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office purchased a new bloodhound puppy (Sarge) in December 2022.  Sgt. Schultz took immediate responsibility for the puppy's training and care until a handler could be selected.  This training has resulted in both the bloodhound and the handler achieving level two certification for tracking, making him one of the youngest in the area to accomplish this feat.  This is a direct result of Sgt. Schultz's oversight of all aspects of his training, ensuring that Sarge will be one of the best bloodhounds in the region. 
All of this was done in addition to still having to maintain his own K9 Saber's training and certifications. Also, during this timeframe, another K9 handler had to go out with multiple shoulder surgeries.  K9 Ghost must maintain his training and certifications, and Sgt. Schultz immediately took on this task as well.  From early February through mid-June, Sgt. Schultz trained three dogs and maintained all of their certifications while still working on a shift helping patrol.  Some calls he has responded to in the last several months were a search for a domestic violence suspect.  This resulted in an apprehension for Schultz/Saber through a marshy area, and both Schultz and Saber were in water and mud approximately three feet deep to locate this suspect.  Sgt. Schultz and K9 Saber also alerted on a vehicle and found multiple Fentanyl pills in a hidden compartment.  As a result, a major Fentanyl dealer was arrested.  Sgt. Schultz and K9 Saber are well-known in neighboring jurisdictions for their performance and professionalism.  Overall, in the past year, Sgt. Schultz and K9 Saber have been directly responsible/involved in the seizure of over half a kilo of cocaine, several grams of crack cocaine, 600 pills of Fentanyl, 3lbs of methamphetamines, multiple OxyContin pills, multiple grams of Heroin, and multiple firearms.  These incidents resulted in approximately 23 arrests.  
This is an example of Sgt. Schultz's dedication to the Law Enforcement profession and the citizens of not only York County but all surrounding jurisdictions.

Brett Schultz

Sheriff's Office

On October 3, 2023, Sheriff Montgomery was invited to attend the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards conference in Charlottesville. This is the organization that determines if law enforcement agencies are in compliance with the standards for accreditation. Sheriff Montgomery is proud to announce that the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office received its sixth reaccreditation and was one of two law enforcement agencies that received a perfect score. A portion of the report submitted by the three-member team that assessed the Sheriff’s Office in August of this year is attached to this post.
“It's clear that the York-Poquoson County Sheriff's Office, led by Sheriff Montgomery, places a strong emphasis on professionalism, commitment to the community, and adherence to accreditation standards. This was exhibited during the static display; agency tour and meeting with agency staff that fully support the idea of accreditation and their commitment to ensure that the York-Poquoson has all it needs to accomplish this task.
The Team would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of specific individuals within the agency, such as Ms. Turbeville, Accreditation Coordinator, and Captain Barke, Accreditation Manager, who have been instrumental in preparing for the accreditation assessment. The agency is to be commended for its work ethic, attention to detail, and consistent communication with master assessors over the past years. This also demonstrates the agency's commitment to meeting accreditation standards.
The Team would like to express their gratitude to various individuals within the York-Poquoson County Sheriff's Office, including Sheriff Ron Montgomery, Major Thomas West, Captain David Barke, and Ms. Sandy Turbeville, for their hospitality during the on-site assessment. The positive atmosphere and collaborative attitude exhibited by the agency's deputies and staff contributed to a smooth and comfortable assessment process for all involved.” Read the full Assessment Report here...

Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology provides support for the Geographic Information System; the centralized computer systems; supports data processing needs of all other divisions and agencies; provides strategic planning of County technology needs; maintains an integrated electronic mail system and maintains and coordinates the website for the County.

Mission Statement:  Providing cost effective, modern, interoperable, sustainable, secure, and reliable services that are beneficial for York County staff, constituents, and local businesses while also aligning with the County’s strategic priorities and the comprehensive plan.

Vision Statement:  Delivering solutions that are engaging and user-friendly while facilitating ubiquitous access by employing innovative technologies.   

Fire and Life Safety

York County claimed the No. 3 spot in its population category by making improvements in public safety, economic development, communications and customer service, environmental stewardship, and technology.

Technology improvements for the new fire station in the northern end of the county as well as the Yorktown Public Library and the future public safety building (under construction) include high-speed fiber connectivity and outdoor ADA-compliant voice over Internet protocol emergency call buttons. Improved connectivity was also provided last year to additional libraries, fire stations, a senior center and various public offices across the county. A system for monitoring and controlling wastewater and stormwater runoff was installed to include more energy-efficient pumps.

Constituents, meanwhile, benefitted from website improvements to include a page for requesting permits and updated maps for bike path and sidewalk projects. Customer service employees are able to process public record requests with the assistance of a new software program, and a livestream camera installed in the Yorktown Waterfront area highlights new economic development efforts. The county also increased use of its social media channels on Facebook and YouTube to better communicate with the public. Emergency response capabilities were beefed up across various departments to include new routers, cellphone antennas and tablets that county employees can use in the field. In addition, a backup 911 center was established.

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York County Fire Chief Stephen P. Kopczynski is the recipient of the 
2023 Virginia Fire Chief’s Association (VFCA) President’s Award.

The award, given at the Virginia Fire Rescue Conference in Virginia Beach on February 22, 2023, was presented by outgoing VFCA president John Prillaman. Of Chief Kopczynski’s selection as the recipient, Fire Chief Prillaman said:VFCA Presidents Award - Stephen P. Kopczynski

“Chief Kopczynski serves as the Virginia Local Assistance State Team (LAST) coordinator that helps families and departments honor their fallen loved ones and ensures they receive the benefits they deserve. In addition, Chief Kopczynski serves as the chairman of the Virginia Fire Service Council, where he coordinates the annual Fire/EMS Legislative Book, bringing together multiple public safety organizations to focus on common legislative initiatives. Finally, Chief Kopczynski chairs the VFCA Health and Safety Committee and served as president of the VFCA.”

The men and women of York County’s Department of Fire and Life Safety congratulate our Fire Chief, Stephen P. Kopczynski, on this well-deserved award. Way to go, Chief!  
Pictured left to right: Fire Chief John Prillaman, Fire Chief Steve Kopczynski, Deputy Chief Allen Baldwin