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York Alert utilizes self registration information (cell numbers and email addresses) to contact all listed and unlisted landline telephones and/or other mobile devices and email addresses (as registered) when activated. If the number called is busy or does not answer, the system will redial the number in an attempt to deliver the message. The system is also TTY/TDD compatible.
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No Cost

There is no cost for citizens, employees, businesses, visitors and/or commuters to sign up to receive these alerts, but phone usage or text charges (billed by your service provider/carrier) may apply.


Notifications correspond to the address you enter. All telephone numbers you register will be called when a disaster or emergency affects the address associated with those telephone numbers. Alerts are based on geomapping and may be very specific to the address you register, down to a specific street or neighborhood if needed.

Set up an account to add your VoIP telephone (like Vonage or COX), cellular/Smart telephone and/or other mobile device if you would like to be notified on that device. Notifications will also be sent to the email address you use for the account. By entering your information, you agree that you may receive multiple messages from York County in the event of an emergency. Standard text message charges from your service provider and/or cell phone carrier may apply.

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before registering, Completion of this form cannot guarantee receipt of timely notification in the event of "a large scale community emergency" due to unforeseen problems that an emergency could create. Should such a situation arrive, it is important that you also continue to monitor other public safety warning systems and/or local media outlets (television, radio, etc.) whenever possible. It is important to avoid calling 911 unless you have a true emergency. Whenever possible, an alternate phone number (such as 211) will be provided for questions and support. I further understand that it is my obligation to provide timely notification of any changes in registration data.
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