Engineering / Project Management


The primary responsibility of the Engineering Division is the efficient and cost effective design and construction of County Capital Improvement projects. These projects are varied in both size and scope and include: 

  • County buildings
  • Park facilities
  • Piers
  • Public water extensions and improvements
  • Sanitary sewer extensions and rehabilitations
  • Sidewalks/bikeways
  • Stormwater improvements

Project Management

Project and Development Inspection ensures that state erosion, sediment control, and stormwater minimum construction standards are met, and that County ordinances, standards and specifications governing these projects are followed.

Sidewalks and Bikeway Projects

Sidewalks and bikeways connect communities and provide healthy, active, and safe transportation for both residents and visitors.  These projects improve accessibility and mobility in the County and link together our neighborhoods, schools, and jobs.  York County citizens have expressed their desire for both walkway and bikeway projects, and Engineering staff identify, study, design, and build sidewalks and bikeways for the community to enjoy.  Criteria for these projects includes (but is not limited to) utility/purpose, community support, feasibility, compliance with state/federal standards, project design, right-of-way, funding, and timeline. 

Please visit our Capital Improvement Project Updates webpage to see sidewalk/bikeway projects that are currently underway, contact Public Works at 757-890-3750 or  If you’d like to suggest a location for a sidewalk/bikeway project, please submit a request here by submitting a Customer Service Request under the "Sidewalk/Bikeway/Crosswalk Request" type.