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The Utility Division is responsible for the design, inspections, operations and maintenance of its sanitary sewer system assets that encompass approximately 106 square miles of services area with approximately 24,000 customer accounts. System assets include the following:

  • 240 miles (approximately 1,267,000 l.f.) of 6- to 24-inch diameter gravity sanitary sewer and approximately 6,600 manholes
  • 42 miles (approximately 221,000 l.f.) of force main
  • 74 County owned and maintained pump stations
  • 9 vacuum station service areas with 77 miles of vacuum sewer piping ranging in size from 4 inches to 10 inches in diameter


Each year Utilities performs approximately five million dollars worth of projects to extend sanitary sewer and public water. Funding for these projects is generated from a portion of the County meals tax and through the collection of connection fees.

Standards and Specifications
For more information or specific documents, please contact the Public Works department at 757-890-3750.

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Manhole Coatings

Sanitary Sewer Details (Large PDF document)

Strategic Capital Plan

The Utilities Division, Strategic Capital Plan contains detailed information, maps, and schedules pertaining to these and other projects. Copies of the Plan are available at the York County Libraries and at the Public Works Administration Office at 105 Service Drive. The Utilities Operations also performs "in-house" designs for the smaller projects.

Consent Order

On September 26, 2007 the County entered into a Special Order by Consent (SOBC) with the Virginia Department of Environmental Equality (DEQ), and several other Hampton Roads localities in an effort to reduce the number of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) from their respective sanitary sewer collection systems. One of the requirements of the SOBC is to develop a complete and concise Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) Plan to meet the requirements of the Regional Technical Standards (RTS). Utilities performs the following tasks under the Consent Order:

  • Closed Caption Television Inspections
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Manhole Checks and Inspections
  • Night Time Flow Isolation Monitoring
  • Smoke Testing
  • Station and Force Main Inspections

This is a photo of the Utilities Operations crew

Tabb Pressure Reducing Station and Offline Storage Facility
HRSD PRELIMINARY Engineering Report * 

* The final design solution could vary significantly from what is shown.